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Table Sculpture “Rebar”

One of a kind only one made sculpture
Called “ Rebar “

-Table top sculpture

-Signed and made by Vadim Kharchenko Artist

-Has a raw green rebar color with pop of gold sphere in the middle

-Measures L -17.5” H- 11.5”

-Made and ready to be shipped


Vadim Kharchenko is a Ukrainian born self taught artist. He takes every project to a personal level. His metal sculptures reflect modern, contemporary, mid-century and industrial design styles. The style of his work is inspired by movement of color against nature or fitting perfectly into an indoor and outdoor setting. Each piece is his design and handcrafted. He specializes in metal freestanding outdoor, indoor, wall and table sculptures. He is based in New Jersey and his metal sculpture work is mainly found in Canada and North American private collections and hotels. “My work and my passion is to create abstract sculptures that will bring lots of joy and discussion for many years, I work with metal only, because it’s amazing to see transformation of rough pile of steel into beautiful piece of art”.